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    Does anyone know of a wp plugin to read remote calendars (.ics) and display their data on my blog? (The only plugins I find generate .ics, they don’t read them)



    Hi there,
    We don’t use plugins here at Mayobe you have downloaded the software from They run on different software than we do so in that case you would need to ask here
    HTH :)



    If you are here on (though it seems you are not) or for anyone else wondering this for, it can be done if the calendar has an RSS feed and then you can use the RSS widget to display the data on your blog.




    Bookmarked for future reference. Thanks. :)



    Any recommendations for good calendars with sensible rss feeds?
    (i.e. ones which will display correctly, future events in date-to-happen order)

    I tried google calendar, which with the adding of a bunch of parameters can be made to display what I wanted – display future events only, in date-to-happen order rather than date-added-order. But unfortunately the xml output of the google calendar is still poor, and the resulting links from within the rss widget end up as broken links for me.

    So I’m looking for a good calendar which has nice RSS feed.

    I’m going to try out “Calendar Hub”, but if anyone has recommendations of ones which have worked for them, ‘twould be much appreciated.

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