Reading Setting not working properly.

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    I have had my “Blog pages show at most” option set to 1 for some time now. Today it has started to show all my posts. I tried switching the number and saving, but it still keeps displaying all my posts despite number change.

    I use the Coraline theme.


    The blog I need help with is



    staff recently introduced “infinite scroll” to the Twenty Eleven and Twenty Ten themes. It was also stated that the intent was to introduce this feature to other themes. perhaps that’s what’s happeing to your blog wearing Coraline.

    In order to regain control over how many posts display on the main page of the blog in Twenty Eleven and Twenty Ten one must place a single empty text widget in a footer widget area. Then an option to disable infinite scroll appears on the Reading page.

    Would you like to try that and see if it works for you?



    It worked! thank you!



    Thanks for returning so we Volunteers now know that infinite scroll has been implemented on Coraline. Best wishes for happy blogging.


    My site is

    I’m trying to set up an author site using Twenty Eleven, and want front page to be static/showcase.

    1 – when I go to ‘settings/reading’ and try to set the front page to static, it bounces me to ‘pages’ and doesn’t ‘take’ so to speak – no option offered to use on of the pages I’m created (although all are blank at this point – I’ve been learning about the custom menu option!!)

    2 – how will/does the showcase template manifest itself as I’m working on the page??

    3 – Once I’ve got the pages organized, I’ll need help moving my domain from weebly to wp. It may take a while at the rate I’m going (!) but would appreciate any heads-up or assist you might be able to provide in advance – in case it affects anything I might do now.

    Thanks so much for your help!!!



    You can’t use any blank pages. You have to have content in the pages in order to choose them.

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