"reading" settings for an involuntarily "invisible" blog

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    I am not sure why I cannot find my blog in any search engines, even though the pages say they are “published.” already.
    The WordPress help page for this issue (http://en.support.wordpress.com/settings/reading-settings/) shows tabs and menus that do not exist in my blog setup. There are no options like those mentioned there: There are no “Reading” settings under the “Settings”, that I can see. — What to do?

    The blog I need help with is johangunnarandersson.wordpress.com.


    If you are talking about this site: http://johangunnarandersson.wordpress.com , I see only one post and a few pages.

    I looked at the robots.txt file for your that site and it looks normal.

    The thing with search engines and new sites is you kind of have to keep pestering them with new posts to keep their attention and the best way to do that is to post regularly.

    Since it appears that this site is set up more as a static website than as a blog, you may want to follow the procedures here to verify your site with the major search engines so that they get you logged and indexed.


    If you are talking about a different site, can you give us the URL for that site?



    Thank you! for explaining why the site may not show in search engines. I mistakenly thought, that with specific enough search terms, the engines would yield the site, once it was published. I take it that if it does, then it may be at a very distant ranking.

    I still wonder why the WordPress help section seems to come from a different planet — “The Reading Settings control how your blog is displayed to visitors. You can access it via your Settings -> Reading page” — their menus there are so different from the ones I see, with mine lacking the options they display on their help page.



    The Support doc is quite accurate. If you’re not seeing what it describes, then you went to your account settings instead of your blog settings. Your account settings are in the grey admin bar. Your blog settings are in the sidebar of the blog dashboard:
    Settings/Reading screen:



    Thanks for explaining that. They managed to hide it pretty well!
    If I were them, I would call them not “settings” and “settings” but “account settings” and “blog settings”, as you did . . .



    You’re welcome.
    Agree, the one in the admin bar should be called Account Settings.
    But I don’t agree abut the other one (or about “hiding”): your blog dashboard is where you go to manage the blog, so by definition those Settings are the blog settings. I would suggest you bookmark this and add it to the bookmarks bar of your browser:

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