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    My Setting + Reading states “Summary Only”. However, when I click “Home” I still see the full text of all posts. How could I fix it?

    The blog I need help with is


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    That setting is for how your RSS feed goes out:

    For each article in a feed you can select Full text or Summary. Full text means that the entire contents of a post are included in the feed. Summary means that only the first 55 words are included in the feed, along with the option to continue reading the rest of the post.

    You can use the “more” tag to truncate posts:

    With Twenty Ten, you can use the custom excerpt function for category and archive pages: you can include pictures and formatting.



    How to use more tag in my theme is there any way to use it in my theme



    Yes. Put the cursor where you want to put the page break, hit Enter, and then click the More button, which looks like a dotted line cutting a piece of paper.

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