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  1. Anyone else see this for a brief time this evening? A new version of tag surfer?
    Or have I been on vacation too long and I'm now having dreams about wordpress?

  2. I have seen it and I posted my complaint about it already.

    But since its gone I guess my complaint is irrelevant.

  3. error message: cannot load readomattic...what happened to it? i had it for a little time now its it comin back? -g-

  4. I hope its not coming back. But it was on long enough for me to be able to use it, and it had a twitter feature that I liked. Other then that readomattic was really unnecessary.

  5. I was wondering where it went as well. I sort of fancied it, set up my preferences, and then this morning, BAM, it's gone. Wonder if 2.7 will have it?

  6. It's back now.

    It's something new that we're testing out and will announce officially soon. There will be a few glitches here and there. If you notice problems, please report them to support so we can fix them.

  7. I am curious about "readomattic". It appeared today on my dashboard, but don't react at all. - Excuse my bad english, I'm German and by no means familiar with any technical terms.

  8. spiritoftheforestx

    I'm trying to open it without any result...

  9. i´m trying to open it too and without result......What is that for??

  10. How do you access Readomattic ?

  11. Duh! found it. :)

  12. Here is a article I wrote up about New Readomattic feature!!!,

  13. It looks like you can read "top posts" by interest area again, too.

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