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ready-made css sandbox skins and other themes

  1. ugh, now i know why most newbies don't search the forums. i tried to do some reading on my own about css (practising what i preach as a volunteer at the forums) and i just can't! information overload. so please excuse me and could you point me to it if it has been covered in another thread.

    i just got css (thanks mark!) and i'm searching for other skins to go with the sandbox theme. so far i found this via the forums:

    unsleepable (which is also available without css)
    bus full of hippies

    are these the only skins available for the sandbox theme in blogs? is there a place to search for other skins, or can i just go to sites that i find through search engines? i'm not particular that it has to be sandbox, but i'd like it "ready-made" so i could just copy and paste the code.

  2. I thought we were tagging them somehow...

  3. yea, there are tagged ones like the ones i found above, but i want to make sure if there are any others i might have missed or other sources i don't know about...

  4. If you want to write something up with links, I'll make it into a sticky.

  5. links to css themes
    bus full of hippies
    this thread offers links to other readymade sandbox skins.

    there are links to sandbox skins like k2lite and unsleepable which i didn't put since it's redundant (available in the theme selection).

    sandbox skins: the thin line, k2 style: fork, wip: the late show, as well as unsleepable and bus full of hippies.
    sandbox skins: meadow, bauble, biology, reflection, pink lilies, x-blog, the literary life

    if you want to make a sticky, i think you should made a new thread; the links i placed here are sort of disorganised.

  7. What are we supposed to tag the skins with when we make them?

    Don't forget my ultra-classy, non-tacky myspace version of sandbox :P

    Whenever I make another skin I like, I drop the code for my current one into an entry also.

  8. How about 'sandboxskin'?

  9. matt originally suggested customCSS:

    which all of mine and not-that-ugly are tagged as.
    i also tagged the ones in the forum:

    any of the Styles on this page will work with k2 (once you upload the images):

    there are some more sandbox skins here:

  10. and, of course one of the dozen ports of k2 to sandbox still survives:

  11. thanks for all the links! i can't wait to try them one by one.

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