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    before i drive to the nearest bridge … i must say that wordpress (in my humble opinion and with respect) is at the top of my list for “black hole of processes and mass confusion.” all i want is a blog, ok. i’m not a professional writer. i don’t have time to go to wordpress university. all i want is a blog site to be home or shadowing for my content (media, press releases, event info, images, fine art, sports, entertainment news that i submit). i alreadyhave other platforms i use. all the extras here such as polls, ratings, categories, whatever… no thanks. i mean this with total respect. but the more i try. i.e. pay money for a nice theme…or search the help section … etc… the more sub-paths i find … and more of a wordpress labyrinth i get lost in. of course anything like a custom font or no ads (items/tools that one pays for) are right there and easily accessible (naturally $). all i want to do is change the language that appears at the top of the comment box… when i note comment box, this not only indicates the comment box after my postings/content … but the comment box that also appears on my “contact” page or menu or sub-whatever the heck that link/web space is called. if anyone on the wordpress planet can help me, not only would i be thankful, i’d certainly tip my hat off to you for mastering this. -jenmedia

    The blog I need help with is



    ALSO i will add that at present the language in the field that i want to change reads as follows: “What do you think? Please keep your comments polite and on-topic.” i don’t want this verbiage.



    I’m sorry but we Volunteers have no knowledge of premium themes and how they are intended to work so we provide no support for them at all. Your theme is a premium theme and when you purchased it what came with that purchase was support directly from the theme designer. Go here > Appearance > Themes and click the link you find there to the Premium Themes Forum please.

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