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Real fast question about Vigilance theme

  1. Just a quick question about my username. I'm currently using Vigilance as a theme, and it looks better than any I've tried yet. The only problem is that my username appears on every single post as the 'author,' even when the author of a piece is somebody else. Is there any way I can prevent that happening? (aside from going thru all posts and writing in, "The real author of this piece was not me, but thus-and-such.")

    thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The meaning of "author" on a blog is the person who wrote the Post.

    Are there any other people writing on your blog besides you? If so, when they log in to write a post on your blog (if you are the Admin), their name should show up as the "author". It appears in the "Author" module of the Post Editor.

  3. If the other people write the posts, but you post them, you will always show up as Author. If they get IDs and post their own content it'll show up under their names. If they get IDs and you add them to the blog then you can Edit existing posts to change the displayed author.

    You can also change to a theme that doesn't display the author name.

  4. Aw...I don't wanna change themes, l like Vigilance so well for my needs. But, I may have to, since at present no one else is blogging/posting at my site except me (I'm hoping one more person will jump on board here pretty soon, though, and join me). Many of the pieces were either co-written with her or they are entirely separate works by other authors, posted for them. And people like Shakespeare, way to get him to join in here! LOL` Even if he were still living, he probably wouldn't be cooperative...

  5. He'd want money, no question.

  6. An option is the make the author setting be the name of the domain, rather than your name, and then add an author byline to every post. I did this at .

  7. A better idea is to make each person's name a category or tag.

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