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    Hi I am an artist and although I get the blog idea I really haven’t a clue how to org and set up my amazing wp blog using greyzed. greyzed is very much my style but is there anyone in Cork city Ireland who could help me, as in show me call to my house as I learn much quicker with ptp.There must be tricks and ways and means of doing things that will get me off the ground and into cyberspace,come on…

    The blog I need help with is



    We Volunteers do not provide support by email nor by telephone nor by any other means than voluntarily answering questions on this forum. I can recommend a comprehensive tutorial. The Learn tutorial is divided into progressive levels and presented as a series:

    We also have support documentation and the searchbox on the main support docs page provides returns from both the docs and forums threads.



    You can also pay me a monthly retainer. I do provide this sort of support. But I’m not in Cork City, Ireland.

    I’m in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada at the moment.



    I thought were joking on Twitter. Have a great time in the great white north. :)



    Thanks. Job interview. Will let yoiu know how it goes.



    Please do. I would LOVE to be there with you.


    Yellowknife? Isn’t that Ice Road Truckers territory?



    It is indeed, and one of the women I went out pubcrawling with knows one of the “Celebrity Ice Truckers”.

    Seriously, we flew north for hundreds of miles over land where there were no farms. Think of that; North American lands too rough for farming, for hundreds of miles. It’s pretty amazing. We flew for an hour and a half north from Calgary and I saw ONE intersection.


    Yeah, that is amazing. It takes true grit to live and work up there. I couldn’t do it.



    @atticart1-maybe not phone support, but in addition to the resource that timethief pointed out, there’s also and

    @rain-and apparently a working wifi connection. :) Good luck with the job interview! Hope there’s no commute involved.


    We might have to start calling her icecoaster.




    icecoaster??? I LOVE IT.

    And I’m sorry to have hijacked your thread. If you’ve got a skype ID I feel so guilty I’ll give you an hour of time tomorrow free to help you set up things. email raincoaster at to pick a time at least 12 hours from now so we can rendezvous.

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