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    Has anyone else experienced a problem when posting where, after finishing editing and clicking on publish, you are redirected to /post.php (when you should see new-post.php?published=true)with a blank editor and no record of your post?

    This has happened to me about 5 times over the last month, and it’s _extremely_ frustrating. Each post has been relatively long (too long to recreate from memory).

    Just curious if it’s on my end.



    nope i haven’t any problems with posting, but unlike you i always type my posts offlne before publishing online. maybe you should adopt the same step even though you have saved a draft in wp, that way you know you won’t waste all those hours typing and thinking. but i think you should send feedback if you prefer your way and it still occurs.



    I write almost all of my posts online, but I save quite frequently, to avoid losing anything.

    Maybe we can have an auto-save function?



    I’m smiling because like sulz I compose off line. However, no sooner have I posted than I always notice something I want to adjust so after cutting and pasting I follow vivian’s example. I become an automatic save and continue button pusher until I’m absolutely satisfied and then I publish.


    I think an auto save function would be well worth the time investment. Gmail implemented this and it was the one addition that made me comfortable switching from a desktop client.



    Yes – I’ve had this exact problem quite a lot (although it hasn’t happened for a few days now). It just goes to a white page and the post hasn’t saved.

    I’m getting in the habit of copying my source code before clicking Publish, just in case it goes wrong.



    Haven’t had that bug. The bug that I’ve experienced though, is that after I click publish to publish a post, sometimes a download dialog opens up, trying to download the .php file. Kind of wierd, huh? Has anyone else seen this?

    It doesn’t happen all of the time, just sometimes.


    Yes – I’ve had this exact problem quite a lot (although it hasn’t happened for a few days now). It just goes to a white page and the post hasn’t saved.

    Good, it’s not just me.



    But not one of you mention what browser and/ or version you are using. ;)


    I use Camino and Firefox. I doubt this is a browser problem though, because, upon submit, redirects to the wrong page, which isn’t controlled by browser behavior.



    I use a firefox browser latest version and the same thing has happened to me on numerous occasions over the course of the last 5 weeks. As I compose off line and automatically save frequently this has not had a major negative effect on my blogging but it has been very annoying. I click save and get a blank white page. I click on “go” on my browser page and get my post back but anything I’ve written between the last “save and continue editing” has to be typed in again. I have noticed the same thing happening after I have uploaded an image and sent it to the editor I click save or publish and zoom the screen turns white. Here we go again.I click on “go” on my browser page and get my post back but the image has to be uploaded and sent to the editor again.


    The common consensus seems to be “post offline, save frequently.” That’s good advice, but it feels like settling to me.



    Okay then why not boot the whole thread up by using “feedback”?



    i’m having the same problem too! last few days. At one point i couldnt even get to feedback from the page. i have managed to send it now and i hope the problem gets sorted out soon. i think while i type and it’s very difficult to recreate once the post is “lost” and when there are several images involved, tiresome too.

    i’ve had this problem on both Safari and Firefox. Initially i thought that maybe it was because of my browsers. Now i see that it isnt.



    I have just sent in feedback too as it happened to me again.


    Argh, that happened to me too! So so often. And if you press the “Back” button, it’s all lost – categories even. (Firefox

    In most places if you press the Back Button it retains any info in forms; why not WP?



    This really annoying posting bug is back. Try to upload a thumbnail image from my computer and “the connection to the server was reset while the page was uploading ” blah blah …
    tonight is a bad night for image uploading it’s really *(cough)* annoying me.



    Is it implemented in



    “This plugin will most likely be extended in the future to provide AJAX auto save support.”

    this plugin is bundled with TMCE into MU core, not sure whether it actually ‘gives the user a warning’…

    basically, AJAX autosave may be implemented much the same way as a current spell checking plugin.

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