Really Dumb Question about Technorati

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    I am totally new to blogging and am trying to learn the ropes to try and make my blog a little more real and a little less slapped-together. Please feel free to roll your eyes at the following newbie question.

    I’m seeing all kinds of posts about getting signed up with Technorati. I went to their main page, and I was not sure what it would do for me that an ordinary search engine wouldn’t (which probably means I really am failing to understand what Technorati is in the first place). What is the benefit to claiming my blog with Technorati?



    Technorati is a blog-specific search engine, and as such its searches tend to be a lot more of-the-moment. You won’t find three year old posts about marketing just because they have the same title as your search input.

    But the MAJOR reason people (such as myself) passionately both love and hate Technorati is that Technorati ranks your blog. It keeps track of every link it can find that goes to your blog (it’s far from perfect at this, though) and it tells you when more people are linking to you and when fewer are. It’s like a popularity test where you can call a vote at any time.


    Exactly what I needed to know. Thanks so much! :)

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