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Really it's amazing!

  1. amazingmuslims

    Today Islam (the Peace) is the fastest growing faith in the world – its beautiful message is reaching millions in the far corner of the earth. (click this if you like to know about what is Paradise)

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  2. Go die in a fire.

  3. Where exactly is "the far corner of the earth?" I had always thought the earth wss spherical, and as such was "kid friendly" as it is without sharp, jagged edges. Of course, by saying "far corner", one can assume you mean there is only one (singular) corner that is considered "far", so either we're dealing with a one cornered shape (rather like a child's party hat), or something that has both near and far corners...and wouldn't their collective "nearness" or "farness" be relative to our current position?

  4. Islam presents a danger to the welfare of many due to its influence in Middle Eastern and North African governments. Islam subjugates hundreds of millions of women, sexual minorities and other religions where it's the law of the land. Why don't you blog about that smart guy.

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