Really need help on removing the date

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    I’ve been trying for months now to remove the date on my blog posts. I do not currently have enough money to dedicate $30 a year (need every penny!) to upgrade to CSS Custom Design.
    I have sifted through as many themes that I could find in the hopes that one would not come with the date; however, this proved a futile search.
    I have also gone into the general settings tab but as far as I can tell, this only allows for different formats of the date, rather than the option to delete it permanently.
    I am very reluctant to create my blogs as a static page because I like the fact that blog posts are arranged in reverse chronological order and each post is divided from the others (new title bubbles, etc).
    I am afraid that I am now at a loss as I do not write posts very frequently but need wordpress to display my writing style. Removing the date would make my blog look fresher.

    (Sorry if I ramble on! I’d be grateful for your help!)

    The blog I need help with is



    1. Take note that the date is embedded into each blog post title and we cannot change permalink structure one free hosted blogs.

    2. The only way the date can be removed or hidden from appearing on the post itself is with the custom design upgrade and CSS editing.


    Thank you for your response- do you know if there are any free hosted wordpress blogs without an embedded date?
    Thanks again



    I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear above.
    1. There are no free hosted blogs that do not contain the date in the URLs and we cannot change that permalink structure.

    2. There are no free hosted blogs whereon we can remove or hide datestamps in posts without purchasing a custom design upgrade and doing the required CSS editing to remove or hide them.

    3. Two years ago many bloggers who had self hosted blogs began to install plugins to remove dates. They did that to game search engine results and based it on the notion that their content was “ever-fresh”.

    If you wish to you can hire a web host, get a free software install from and do the same thing they did. But here at you have reached a brick wall. There is no way over or under or through that wall. Only a custom design upgrade and CSS editing will achieve what you want to do ie. removing or hiding the dates on posts.

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