Really Need some help people urgently

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    OK domain is with fasthosts and so is all email.

    I need to get the IP address of the website that I need to point to from Fasthosts so that the website shows on

    Any ideas as I have read loads and loads of techy stuff and nothing seems to answer my question.

    I have also done an IP address check on which is where the site actually is.

    Please help


    The blog I need help with is



    You need to purchase the Domain Mapping upgrade, actually.


    Staff need to set a zone record for you before you can map the domain name to a blog here. I’ve tagged this thread for staff attention so they can get the zone record set for you.

    You will also have to go through Google Apps for Webmasters to keep the email working.


    Thank you TSP is there no way that you an just host the emails through fasthosts then?

    I thought it would be fairly simple as all I need is the IP address of the website and hey presto……

    Do you know how long staff normally take to respond?




    Staff can take up to several days to respond. Just contact them via your dashboard once support is open and wait. If you re-respond, then it bumps you to the back of the line, as requests are answered in the order of date. New email means newer date, which means you go back to the end of the line.



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    It may well be possible to use your mail at fasthosts, but you would have to add their MX records to your domain on WordPress. The thing is, if you use google apps email people here will be able to give you full support instructions as many of us have done it, whereas if you use the fasthost email service we will still try to help but if you have problems it is likely to be “have you tried this” and “now try that”.

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