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    My blog usually gets around 300 hits a day, total. Today, one article is getting close to 9000, but there’s no indication where the hits are coming from — i.e., there’s no corresponding increase in the “referrers” column. On the basis of a couple of things (like the fact that the article is kind of dull, and a little old, and short of being linked off of the CNN front page I can’t figure out why it would get so many hits), I suspect there’s something screwy going on. I’m primarily mentioning it because it might reflect a bug.

    Should a kind admin decide to take a look at this, the article in question is this one:

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    This can happen with sites or services that are blocking the referrer.



    Thanks for the advice – that would explain the lack of any information on the “Referrers” side.

    It’s still awfully weird. I’m getting a month’s worth of hits on a single dull article. Makes me wish I had access to analytics in order to see who is making the hits.


    The Google crawler place has some analytics–not wordpress stuff, but hits from searches stuff. Anyway, that’s what I recall. I got there by accident and have never gotten back again.





    Clicky’s the best web analytics I know about for us at WP. Have a look:


    Just went to and having trouble taking the code to put on my blog. It says to take the “no java script” code at the bottom of the long string of code it gives that has some java script but it’s not working. Any suggestions?


    I think I figured it out.



    Can you be more specific, so that other people who are having problems can see what you did?



    yes please explain. Im so confused.



    I’ll look into the analytics, thanks. Please do help out with the specifics about how to set it up.

    The massive hits continue on that one article. I tried changing the URL but apparently the old URLs forward to the new URL (which makes sense as a feature, though I wish it wouldn’t work in this case). If I can’t figure out what’s happening I may just kill the post altogether.



    The weird stats behavior continues — I deleted the entire post, but now I’m recording hits for a post with a title that is the original post number. There’s no link to that post (the link shows up as simply ) but the hits keep on coming. What gives?

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