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    Hi. How do I rearrange blog posts? I tried downloading things from the internet, but it still isn’t working. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is




    By rearrange, do you mean chronologically?



    Go to Edit post, and then in the Dashboard, where the Update button is, click the Calendar icon and you can change the blog post’s date.



    Blogs are essentially a reverse chronological order publishing tool wherein the most recent published post will display on top. You cannot change this order on a free hosted blog. There is no upgrade that allows you to change this post order on a free hosted blog. It’s designed to serve your visitors as they come to read the most recent posts and will not be inclined to trawl through hundreds of posts to locate it.

    See here for the option of creating a book-like structure > Perhaps that will work for you.

    Or you could use a single sticky post as an index page >

    Or you can falsify every date-stamp before publishing.

    Staff have provided this support doc: Show your Posts in Chronological Order

    additional information:
    The default timezone is UTC time. You can reset your timezone here > Dashboard > Settings > General. Select the closest city to you in the same timezone in the drop-down menu you see there and then click “save changes”.

    Edit the post, change the datestamp in the Publish module, and click Update.

    All Posts are found here > Dashboard > Posts > All Posts
    *replace “/NAME_OF_BLOG” with the actual name of your blog

    You hover over the title of the post and click the Edit link, then edit the datestamp in the Publish module and click update.

    Note that you can examine these images so you see how to edit posts and change datestamps and timestamps where required.

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