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    Ok, I think my profile here should link to my site, but just in case I’m wrong, here’s the URL:

    Ok, so I’m just having a few issues with the sidebar, which seems somewhat lamentable to me that it isn’t more customizable, or at least, more easily customizable. I’d like to have some of my links (not necessarily all – for now just the photography links section) appear before Archives and Categories. However, its possible that once I start adding links to other people’s sites, I’ll probably want them after the navigation links for my site (ie: Archives and Categories). And suggestions or am I just stuck having to hardcode it all with the text widget?

    Oh, and also, if you add a widget does it always automatically override/remove the other items in your navigation bar? Is there any way to avoid this without having to program it all out by hand using the text widget (and even then, I’m not sure if I’m aware of a way for it to automatically update the categories section and such as I add new posts, other than doing each one manually). Ideally would love to have my widgets appear underneath the navigation options.

    Finally, I haven’t experimented much with the other templates yet, but is it possible to put your widgets into the Posts section or other pages? For some reason it only gives me the option of placing them in the sidebar – but perhaps this is a template related issue, not sure.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks so much!



    The links widget will separate links by the links category that you assign to them, but there is no way to have more than one links widget and put different links in each.

    What you can do though is make your own links widgets using text widgets and then you hand code the HTML for the links into the widgets.


    – As for overriding, most themes have a preset selection of widgets. The first time you add a widget yourself, you signal that you take over; the preset is cancelled and you’re free to add whatever widgets you want – no more overriding after that.

    – If by “profile here” you mean the “Member” tag, that only leads to the threads you’ve opened or replied in. See the Sticky “8 Things to Know” on how to link your nickname to your blog.



    And widgets cannot go in posts. They go in the sidebar on all templates that are widget-enabled



    Ok, guess I’ll look into going widget then. Thanks for all your responses!

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