Reason for Blog Suspending?

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    Hi there,

    yesterday I started the blog

    It is on a journalist’s conference, which will happen in October in Hamburg, Germany. There were two postings, and the preliminary conference panel has been posted.

    Today it reads “This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.”

    I read these ToS, and now i wonder why the blog was closed – I can see no reason.

    Kind regards,
    A. Ude


    You need to do as the warning in your admin panel suggests and contact staff. Volunteers here in the forums cannot tell you. You can also contact them via . Make sure and include the URL of the blog, your username, and your email address you used to set up the blog.


    Actually I just checked, and the blog is appearing just fine for me.



    As far as I can see, the blog is now active.


    Yes, it seems all right now.

    What may have happened?

    A. Ude



    About a month ago there was some kind of bug that did that. Hopefully it’s not back!



    It wasn’t a bug. The blog (actually a group of blogs by several authors) was mistaken for spam. We fixed it as soon as the owner contacted support. It happens occasionally with non-English blogs.



    No, that’s not what I was thinking of. There was a day when lots of different people were complaining about this issue.


    @rain, I remember that too.



    I think Alex was aaying that this was not a bug, not that a bug didn’t happen before.

    But if mistakes are made we will always correct them as soon as we can.

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