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    Someone has reblogged one of my blog posts. WOrdpress sends me a notification for approval, yet even though i have not approved it still shows on the person’s blog. WHy is that? What is the use of giving us the option to approve if it will appear on their website anyway.

    WordPress don’t post comments without approval, why do you allow reblogging without approval?

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you sure the notification asked for your approval? In the past when a blogger has reblogged one of my posts, I received an email that was simply a notification: “BLOGGER’S NAME reblogged your post NAME OF POST to __followers on NAME OF BLOG. Congrats! You may want to visit their blog. Perhaps you’ll enjoy their blog as much as they enjoyed yours!”

    It did not ask for my approval. I’m not thrilled with the feature either, but unless something has changed since it was rolled out in 2012 there is no opt out :



    electricia1 is correct. Your permission is not required.



    Thanks, TT. btw there’s a typo in my post. I meant since it was rolled out in 2010, not 2012.

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