Reblog emails suddenly not working correctly

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    Reblog email notifications used to feature the reblog title and a text excerpt. Now, the emails only feature the post number– This worries me a lot since it looks like a suspicious email, and it may be keeping my email subscribers from following the link.

    Also, when I try to edit the reblog post, I’m having trouble having my edits take effect. That is, the page’s url ending keeps the post number instead of the post title, and my category and tag edits won’t get saved, so the post stays Uncategorized and tagless. These are all problems that I didn’t have before when reblogging.

    Hopefully you can fix this quickly?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Mz Jenny, I am having the same problem with the email notifications, although my edits of the tags have worked. Same here, I was alarmed at one of my Followers letting me know they received a weird looking email advice about a new blog – but with the blog post number in the Blog Title and no text. I agree that recipients would tend to dismiss such a suspicious email.

    Please, Happiness Engineer, if you are reading this, let Jenny & me know what is going on? Thank you in advance. :)

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