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reblog from Reader not an available option in upper right

  1. reblog option not available on Reader

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are your running one of the browser versions found here? If you aren't then please upgrade your browser version at that link.

    Note: If you are using an IE9 browser in compatibility mode that makes it render as IE7 and IE7 is not supported. To disable see >

  3. Am using Firefox.
    Thanx for suggestions

  4. Which verison of Firefox? If you don't know click this link to find out

  5. 18.0.2 Mac

  6. Hi there,

    Is this a problem for all the blogs you follow, or just one specifically? Could you take a screenshot of your Reader?

    Here's a bit more information about how to take a screenshot:

    You can add the image to your media gallery and I can check it there.

    Thank you so much for the additional clarification!

  7. OK have added Screenshot to media library.
    do not see reblog option on any of blogs i follow.

    thank you for the help.

  8. Hi there,

    I checked out the blog in particular in the screenshot and noticed that it is not a blog, which you cannot reblog from. You also cannot reblog from a private blog (or a private post) or a blog.

    I hope that help clarifies!

  9. well, that explains it, however, the info from wordpress is that ANY blog that is followed on wordpress, can be reblogged. Perhaps that info needs to be clarified.
    thank you much for following up.

  10. Can you link me to where you saw that? I'd be glad to make sure the wording is clarified!

  11. Hi,
    it is on "search results for reblog"
    You can reblog posts directly from your Reader, which displays a stream of all the updates published on all the blogs you follow from your account.'
    My take is that...'blogs you follow from your account'...means all blogs, not just WordPress blogs.

  12. You are right - I can see some ambiguity on that page.

    I've made a small update to the special note on this page:

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