Reblog vs. content theft

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    What is the difference between reblogging and content theft?


    The WP reblogging feature means re-publishing the first few lines of an article from another blog, with a link to the original. (Some of us don’t like it, but usually it falls under the fair-use guidelines of copyright law.)
    Content theft means copying a complete article (or substantial portions of it) written by someone else and publishing it without their permission. In that case, the presence or absence of a link to the original (if the original is on the web) makes no difference.



    Should I then get permission to use a permalink to a post on which I blog about? Example:


    No of course not: you’re free to link to any decent webpage and you don’t need permission for that. When you link to a webpage you just point to a source, you don’t steal anything from it (on the contrary, you send more traffic to it, which is good for them).

    And you didn’t copypaste the entire article, you only used two short excerpts, so what you’ve done is plain old (perfectly legitimate) quoting. It isn’t even reblogging, as you have continued with your own thoughts. Reblogging means auto-publishing a post that is nothing more than the beginning of someone else’s post. (That’s why some of us don’t like it: we think it’s for inane and/or lazy users who should go play in Facebook rather than maintain a blog.)



    Thank you for clearing that up for me. I was unaware of the reblog feature until today. I experimented with it and it copied the entire post into my blog. However, it does say that it was reblogged from so and so. I like the link idea better – seems more legit.

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