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  1. I recently had someone "Reblog" one of my Posts... I'm just curious, I received a Note from WordPress saying "Congratulations", your Post has been Reblogged.

    Now I know that maybe this is considered a good thing in the Blog World, actually I don't know that, but I'm thinking if WordPress sent me a note maybe it's considered to be a good thing... I'm assuming it's because you will potentially get more hits on that Post. However, it's been Reblogged on a Site that is in a Different Language, so I have absolutely no idea what kind of Site it is, lol

    Also, wouldn't it make since for people to ask the Author before doing that? Just curious what the thinking is on this Reblog thing.

    Thanks for your time guys


    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's controversial, to say the least. At least the reblog feature here limits it to the first 75 words maximum.

  3. Ah yeah, I noticed.

    Thanks Rain


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