Rebloggers need to ask for prior consent

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    I know the issue of reblogging has been beat to death, but I’m aggravated by the seeming lack of concern The Powers That Be have for those of us who simply want an Opt Out feature.

    Occasionally, I will post a single photo with a descriptive paragraph. Reblogs are truncated, but short posts can fall inside that limit and the entire post is published on the reblogger’s site. There is no incentive to click over to the original post. Since that’s what we’re being told is the purpose of reblogging, to drive traffic, it defeats the purpose. (I have never gotten a single referral from a reblog.)

    My options to avoid reblogging are to make my site private, or change how I blog… again seems like unreasonable measures for the original author to go through to protect content.

    I have a copyright statement on my site, detailing that I want rebloggers to ask for permission before reposting, not a single one has. The onus is on me to censure myself instead of requiring rebloggers to get consent.

    The whole process seems backward and unfair to the original authors.

    The blog I need help with is

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