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  1. My blog is . I notice WordPress have added a new tool on the header bar for reblogging which they say will bring new readers .

    Is this what they had in mind - YouR Tube News . My original post was Logan's Run v 1984 .

    At the time of posting, I have had 1 click back and the site which has reblogged it 30 .

    Even though the reblogger is nothing to do with WordPress, does it really want to push the theft of whole articles . Hopefully, a member of staff may pass by .

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry the link above is wrong . It should read Your Tube News . I'm not spamming but it shows the concept of re-blogging is dubious at best .

    I assume the bot removed my second post .

  3. No, that's not what we intend to do.

    As you can see in the announcement post the reblogged post is clearly attributed back to the source and its original author.

  4. Thanks for the reply . Maybe it's me but I am uneasy with re-blogging . I am happy for parts of a post to be included in another post eg copying and pasting a few lines .

    Do you know if there is anything I can do about my post . Normally, I wouldn't mind if there was decent accreditation but there's nothing apart from 'link' .

  5. If your blog is public, it's subject to reblogging, just like it's subject to the wholesale copying and pasting of your posts in their entirety.

    It's just one of those things that we all deal with as public bloggers, but we hope that the reblogging feature will lead to less fully copied "manually reblogged" posts and more properly credited posts reblogged via the new feature.

    The only way to prevent a reblog in this case would be to make your blog private, and the only way to delete a reblog would be to delete the original post.

  6. I suppose its something I'll have to live with . Thanks for the reply anyway .

  7. Our public blogs are indeed subject to wholesale copying and pasting, but copying the entire post even with attribution exceeds "fair use" and is copyright infringement. I share merovee's concern that reblogging may promote this. Why isn't the usual brief quote-with-link sufficient?

    I just visiting a post with a "reblog" and was appalled at the amount of text it included. Way too much, imho, especially when taken from a short post. I want readers to come to my blog to read my posts, not see all or most of them somewhere else. I suggest (1) reblogs should include much less text, (2) reblogs should not include images, which may constitute all or most of the post (eg, photo blogs), and (3) administrators be given an option to disable the reblogging of their material.

  8. @windwhistle
    My copyright policy clearly states:

    A brief excerpt of content that does not exceed 75 words may be quoted as long as a link is provided back to the source page on this blog and authorship is properly attributed.

    (1) does not need to provide the ability to reblog more than 75 words.

    (2) The fact that copy and paste content theft exists is a red herring argument in this context and I wrefuse to accpet it. In my not humble opinion, if chooses to provide a feature that enables copying of more text than my copright policy clearly states, then they arefacilitating and promoting the violation of my copyright.

    I just visiting a post with a "reblog" and was appalled at the amount of text it included.

    Will you please provide a link to an example of a reblog of the nature you state above?

  9. @timethief - I probably should have said surprised, not appalled. The reblog I saw ( ) was the length seen with the "Read Blogs" function we have on our administrator's bar, probably because it works off the same code. In the case of short posts, I think that's too much. "Fair use" can be a certain number of words or a certain percent of the total. A haiku poem, for example, is only five lines. Taking all of it would exceed both your 75 words and fair use. Same with the images. Sometimes a single image is the entire post. I'm not a lawyer, just a retired editor concerned about copyright and fair use.

    Again, I think WP should give administrators an option to disable the reblogging of their material.

  10. I'm with you on "Fair use" and on this >

    Again, I think WP should give administrators an option to disable the reblogging of their material.

  11. I just visiting a post with a "reblog" ( ) and was appalled at the amount of text it included.

    The only text included from the original reblog is the first blockquote excerpt, 88 words to be exact.

    The rest is a comment on the reblog itself by this blog's author.

  12. @macmanx
    What excatly is the word limit on th reblogging feature please?

  13. At this time, the limit is 128 words or 512 characters. That is subject to change, but I strongly doubt that it would increase.

  14. @macmanx
    Thank you very much for providing that information. Despite the fact I strongly prefer not to, I will change my copyright policies on my blogs hosted here.

  15. @macmanx
    88 words is precisely my point. I think that's too much. It could be all of a short post.

    I respectfully suggest and request a Disable button:

  16. I respectfully suggest and request a Disable button:

    Never doubt that I'm still with you but I clearly recall the last round of 'discussion' on this feature when it was first introduced. :(

  17. @timethief

    Hmm, I'll have to look for that, but I gather I'm not going to like it

  18. @timethief

    Hmm, I'll have to look for that, but I gather I'm not going to like it

  19. Sure 'nuff. Didn't like it.

  20. I have recently taken to the wordpress Read Blogs feature and love it!

    I don't understand though, when I tried to reblog a post from Two Minutes of Grace it ended up reblogging on The Fork In the Road when I wanted ti to show up on Good Life. I'm admin on all three, but not the author of the post from TMG. Is there a way to set the default to my Goodlife blog? My gravatar is set right.

    I went to Fork and made the post a draft, so I fixed that for now.

  21. I just had my daily post reblogged and I'm angry. There should be a way to opt out of someone posting your complete post (photo and all) on another site, without making your blog private. And the site they put it on is not one I approve of nor would do business with if given the option.

  22. I was just "reblogged" 5 times in one blog post in order for the site to "reblog" my entire post. If I wanted that, I would be on tumblr. We should have the option to allow or not allow reblogging, it is our content that WE right, and should only be used with our permission.

    Sure, it says it was reblogged from my site, but why do they need to go to my site if the ENTIRE post is there. I'm a more than a little upset by this....

    This is my original post:

    This is the reblog, my post in its entirety:

  23. why are their photos bigger than your photos? (moot point, but it confused me) are on your own domain..can people reblog my blog then that is on my own host? will I be informed of such reblogging if it does occur?

  24. You are not normally informed of reblogging unless they decide to send you a ping.

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