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  1. After I had published a new post on my blog, BrickExtra, someone reblogged it on their blog, Land of Reblogs-which is all just someone elses' posts. That's all fine, but when I looked on his blog to see whether the reblog credited me, I found that if i went to his home page, there was "Reblogged from BrickExtra" underneath the title, then I clicked on the post title and it took me to the page for the post. Underneath the title was: "by starscraper99" and then below that was "Reblogged from BrickExtra" when the post clearly wasn't published by starscraper99.
    I have read this support article about reblogs, but what i still don't understand is why someone can come along and effectively copy and paste my post onto his blog. There is a benefit though, and that is that i get more coverage, But could someone at fix this flaw, because someone else is still crediting himself for all the work i did.

    Basically, could someone get rid of the "by starscraper99" on the page for the post, so that people know that it was actually by me on my blog.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That is probably an automatic notice built into the theme which indicates who posted in on that blog, not who wrote it originally. If it isn't, then you have a case for misrepresentation and copyright violation, and you can lay a DMCA notice on them and force them to change that or take the post down.

  3. @raincoaster
    Yes, that is what I originally thought it was, because it looks like it. What is a DMCA notice? Sorry for asking, but I really don't actually know...

  4. A DMCA notice is what you send people who have stolen your words. If the person has actually added in the information that they wrote that stuff, you have a DMCA claim. If it's just the theme adding their "Posted by" then you don't; it's just a misleading thing from the software, an accident.

  5. @raincoaster
    I am pretty certain that it is just part of the theme because it doesn't look like it was added in.
    The person who re-blogged my post has a blog called Land of Reblogs which is everyone else's work on his blog. It is quite sad to see someone that has to steal someone else's work because they can't be bothered writing their own...

  6. I have since emailed staff about this and they basically said that nothing really could be done about it.

  7. He's not stealing other peoples work, he's not taking credit for it, he's showcasing it to people not already following your blog, do you know what Tumblr is? That whole place is built for reblogging other peoples posts, just to get the word out to others.

    Starscraper99 is the username of the person that reblogged your post, it's not signifying he's written it, if he was stealing it, if he was he could just copy and paste your blog and make a new post and you'd never know.

    If anything you should feel flattered that whoever starscraper99 is, found your work worthy to share with others.

  8. @ardpete

    I am not saying that he stole my work. I am saying "Why is does it credit both me and starscraper99?". The re-blogging feature is crediting me for my work, but the theme is crediting starscraper99. The re-blogging feature should over-rule the theme.

    Sorry for the confusion.

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