Reblogging posts not working?

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    I was wondering if any one is having problems reblogging a post from another WordPress site to their own WordPress site? I was able to before, but I tried to reblog a beautiful sketch I saw on some one’s site, wanted to share it with others, but each time I tried to view the reblog after it said it worked, it came up with a 404 error and wanted to know where I got the information!!?!?!? Just checking. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s correct. Staff have advised that the reblogging function is temporarily unavailable while they work on that part of the software.



    Thank you so much for the quick reply! Glad to know it is being worked on to make it even better! :)



    You’re welcome.


    I wrote a post on september 11th and nothing showed up. Today my homepage showed a post being added on the 11th but only the date was displayed no actual post. My sidebar shows up with the number 50 as a title and I have no idea why. I did find the written part of my post under reblog. Not sure what reblog is or what happened with my post?



    As your issue is not a reblogging issue to avoid any confusion will you please post a new thread using this link? Thanks, in advance.


    Yah, I just tried to reblog a fabulous young lady’s post and despite getting no error message, it did not come up on my blog. How long will this feature be out of action do you know? And if it is back on, just a general question, how long does a reblog usually take to show up on our own sites? Thank you, Imogen

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