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    When I reblogged a post, my writing had no spaces between paragraphs; the text is all clumped together. This is not the case in editing mode, just when the post is viewed.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hah! Problem resolved.

    I went back into the post, selected all the text, aligned left, changed style from paragraph to pre-formatted and back to paragraph again and clicked on updated.

    That did the trick.



    Hey! I can’t reblogg my friends post….

    It says in the reader that it has already been reblogged….but it is nowhere to me found on my site!


    Problem not resolved. This trick doesn’t work anymore, I’m trying to do shift + enter to keep the lines together but doesn’t like that when my content is a reply to a post that’s reblogged.

    Please could techies look at the code to see why?


    Found this which helped because of the
    command in the text mode, if I updated the post from text mode after inserting all of the
    after each line of the poem which I posted in my comment as part of the reblogging process.

    This is not ideal, but at least it worked for this purpose.


    Above comment should have had br / but when I posted it, interpreted it as a line break :)



    Please post an active link to the reblogged post you are referring to.



    Thanks for posting the URL. I tagged this thread for Staff. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.



    @imaginator – It will help if you can link me to a post that you’ve reblogged so I can test a bit more.

    @alisonramage – I can’t seem to find that user’s post at all in your Reader – are you following the blog?


    Sorry about the delay in posting this. The reblogged post was


    Staff seems to be as desired now. Are you still having trouble?


    I’ll let you know if and when I try to reblog. It’s as desired now because I found that useful post on html that I mentioned earlier which helped me make it that way.



    Problem occurred again, but this time using the HTML code for a return while using text mode didn’t work.

    Post is


    Needed to use the HTML code for return twice for each line, otherwise it looks like I’ve typed shift+break for next line instead of enter for return.


    So I suppose the code did work, but the problem remains one which needs to be manually handled via HTML editing in this manner.



    Hm, I’m not seeing anything related to line breaks in the Text editor tab for that reblog.

    What you’re saying is that you want to insert single-line breaks instead of the default double-line breaks?


    What I’m saying is that as part of the code for the reblogging function of, it would appear that the wordpress programmers have inserted code which prohibits reformatting.

    This is possibly to maintain the formatting of the post which is being reblogged.

    The effect of this apparent prohibition on reformatting when reblogging a post is, that the comment (i.e. the post being made in reply) cannot be formatted properly.

    When I reblog a post, my comments are, by default, all posted as a single block of text without any lines spaces whatsoever, which means that there are no paragraphs.

    When I insert line spaces in visual editing mode, the line spaces I insert are ignored by and are only visible to me while I am in visual editing mode; the line spaces are not visible in viewing mode and so are not visible to the reader.

    In order to overcome this problem, I inserted HTML code for the line spacing while in text editing mode.

    My conclusion is that the user should not have to do this, and my recommendation is that coders rectify this by keeping line spaces in comments written as part of the reblogging process so that users do not have to manually code them in themselves.



    Ah, that makes sense. I’ll see what we can do about this.

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