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Reblogging, round 2

  1. The main thing is the unavailability of a enable disable feature, that is the freedom to select a feature. Other issues derived from this will vary amongst different blogger.

  2. @thesacredpath

    Ok you confused me...what is not true about the statement that WP's new reblog feature does not attribute back to the original author on ALL reblogs?

    In using the term "all" I am notating that anything past the first "editable" copy is void of any attributes to the original author. I think perhaps you misunderstood or maybe I should have phrased it another way? :)

  3. @phoxis: Right. But Matt didn't deign to reply if they'll consider adding the option, or why they won't.

    (It's the same Matt that had written "in two weeks I'm happy to have a discussion with everyone". My mistake, no doubt: apparently he meant in exactly two weeks; I was eight days late in the appointment...)

    @tfockler60: Specially for you:

    @tsp: New complication with the new post-by-voice feature. If you post a 60-minute speech, the whole 60 minutes get reblogged (unless you edit the post and add enough text before the audio player). Is that "fair use"?

  4. @tfockler60, I think I was tripped up by your wording of that taking "ALL" to mean that none of the reblogs was properly attributed. The first reblog is of course. The problem comes on second generation reblogs and beyond.

    I can now see that you were saying that all reblogs, no matter what generation should have attribution back to the original author and site.

    @Panos, absolutely not Fair Use.

    It just never ends, does it?

  5. @panaghiotisadam yes transparent communication is needed.

  6. @panag...SWEET!! Thanks for sharing..and you can bet I have that on every blog!

    My I have your permission to add this to the Newbie School and include a link back to you? I think this is something that needs to be shared with as many as possible at this point since the "ego gods" here don't seem to think it is important to allow us the right to choose who and what is available for reblogging. :)

  7. @tfockler60: You're welcome! And you don't need permission when you give proper credit. What's the Newbie School, by the way?

  8. @panga...sorry it has taken me so long to repy to your question. I had a computer crash issue and was without for several weeks, but let me answer you now.

    Newbie School is a blog I have here that is dedicated to "new users". I provide a step by step set of instruction on how to use WordPress as well as mini tutorials for the different features you can have such as SoundCloud, Feedjit, Screenpresso etc. I try to keep in all in plain english with as little "tech" talk as possible so that the average joe can follow along. I also provide screen shots to make it easier for them. If you would like to take a look you can find it at

    Don't forget to scroll over all the fish you see too...they each have something to say. =o)

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