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    Hi again. I think I need to re-explain what I want to do on I originally wrote in to forum about 2-3 hours ago, but got an incorrect answer posted at the bottom of my support page (this must be a new feature, I don’t recall seeing it before) with the info that it was a “closed topic.” What I want to do is to republish a post that I had ON MY OWN site last year back ON MY OWN SAME site today, and neither the “reblog” support page (which seems to be about other people’s posts) or the “copy post” support page (which is just confusing) seems to be what I want. Not only that, but now I can’t find my request for info to the forum, which was only 2-3 hours ago but now doesn’t appear either in the questions with no reply section or the questions unresolved and more than 2 hours old section. The answer that was at the bottom of my support page is incorrect, though closed, since it was written to answer someone who wanted to reblog themselves on LinkedIn. I want to reblog my own post on my own same site where it originally appeared last year. Can I do this, and can you help clear up the confusion? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    Reblogging IS for other people’s blog posts.

    Here is your previous post

    Just set the post to Sticky if you wish to feature it.


    I’m still a little confused. I realize that it’s unusual to want to reuse your own post on your own site a year later, but the thing is that since I wrote a seasonal post last fall, it has continued to be my most popular post, regardless of season, ever since. I wanted to re-feature it. But if I do as you suggest and use the sticky post option for today, can it be for today only, and not as a permanent sticky post for every day? How would that work? Thanks for being so patient; I’m really not stuck on myself and wanting to hear my own words again, it’s just that it has always amazed me how a Halloween post could generate so much interest for a full year, even in other seasons. I hope you don’t mind helping a little more. Thanks.



    You can make it sticky for as long as you want, and then un-sticky it again. If you do ANYTHING else to push it to the top of the blog, all the previous links to it will be broken.


    I’m willing to go to a bit of trouble to get this re-published. Would it break the links to the story if I went to the trouble simply to add the new remarks I wished to make about the post under “new post” title and beginning paragraph, and then just RE-TYPED the body of my former post as it was the first time? You know, just as if I’d not written it before? I’m sorry to keep bothering you about this, but I’ve had it planned for some time, and if it takes re-typing old school, I’m willing to do that. Thanks if you will bear with me, and answer this; I know it’s not a usual request for info.



    A few suggestions / ideas

    Add the Most Popular Posts / Pages Widget to the sidebar – that will show the most popular stuff read over the last 48 hours or so

    Use the More Tag on your Posts – you front page goes on forever and is tough to find where one Post ends and the next post starts –

    One the Post you want to reblog – fine tune the content a bit if you want in the Original Post – don’t retype it or copy it or anything else –

    Make a NEW Post – “this is why you should read this old Post” – make it short and have a link to the old Post you wanted to Reblog – that leaves the address of the old post alone and the links intact but still calls attention to the old post


    Thanks to all who answered. I think your suggestion, auxclass, of “make a NEW post” is the most like what I wanted to do in the first place. I’m still more oriented to the print world than to the computer world, and in a newspaper or magazine, you would simply give a brief initial paragraph explaining (as you said) why you were republishing an old article, and then you would reprint the article in full. But ’nuff said: I suppose for the sake of modernity I can tolerate a link to my own material, even though I don’t think people are as likely to follow up on a link to my post as they are to read if the article is directly in front of them. Thanks for providing all the time and support in the answers above, everyone. I think you’ve helped me find the best possible solution.



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