Reblogging used to probably promote a commercial site

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    Hi folks,

    Something I feel kind of uneasy about.

    Today a WP blog, WebyTrons (, has reblogged my last post. No problem with that if they were just regular bloggers. But this apparently new site is promoting their services being professional web design and developement and a few things more and in my opinion the reblogging has only one goal, attract customers.

    After paying to get rid of ads on my own blog this feels rather iffy but before I disapprove I would like to check with someone who might know if a blog can be a professional and commercial site just for promotion with very little blogging apparent except my reblogged post… It almost feels as if they have designed my blog and make a showcase of it (!?!)

    Could someone please enlighten me what the WP point of view is on this?

    Thanks and grts

    The blog I need help with is


    As far as I can tell, the website that you say has reblogged your post is self-hosted, and is not on so this is probably a different problem from one that could be sorted out here. However, I’ll modlook this just in case it’s something staff can look into.



    Thanks for your fast reaction, dearoldbird :-)

    At the very bottom it says ‘proudly powered by WordPress’ – so they have something to do with it… :-)

    But I will hold the approval or disapproval for a while yet and see how it goes or if I hear from you again. To me it feels spammish, really…


    ‘proudly powered by WordPress’ is shown on self-hosted blogs and websites that use the software. They are not hosted by which is separate. attributes have ‘Blog at’ instead. It will help you (really, it will) if you read this and understand the difference between the two types of WordPress:


    Where is the post that the site has reblogged? If you’re referring to the blog that is linked to your name, I can’t see anything on that site that resembles it.



    Also if you are logged in and you visit a WordPress.COM site you should see the gray Admin bar at the top of your browser window



    Try this link:

    I assume that as I have not approved it yet, it is only visible to me?



    To get back to your previous reply, I know the difference between .com and the self hosted sites… Maybe not in a practical way as I never had a self hosted site and am happy with .com but I have already read that article some time ago.

    @ auxclass > I have also learned in the 3 years and some months I have a WP blog how to log in and how to see if I am logged in… also on other blogs. I know it is well-meant but I am not exactly a beginner.

    My question was simply ‘what the WP point of view is’… if you think they will not be interested, have none and say that I will have to solve it myself if it is a problem for me, ok – then please tell me so. I won’t start screaming or something ;-)

    It was politeness and also making sure I won’t bump into some rule I may have missed that I first inquired.


    @nil1950 First off, the blog with the reblogged article is not the same as the one you gave a link to in your first post here. This is the one you gave a link to: and that is self-hosted.

    The one that has reblogged your post is this:

    and they are quite within their rights (unfortunately) to reblog any post on any without asking. A lot of us are not happy about that policy but there’s nothing we can do about it.

    So, to answer your original question – if a blog can be a professional and commercial site just for promotion with very little blogging apparent except my reblogged post.. The answer is yes. It can. If it’s been set up as a blog, which this one has, and yes it IS on, it can reblog. It can also be set up to look like a website.

    You’ve been here three years, but most of the people who ask questions on this forum haven’t – the most usual questions here are from new bloggers so we respond this way. Sorry if it sounds patronizing, that’s not our intention. I’ve been a volunteer on these forums for a couple of years, and auxclass is an older-hand than me.

    As I don’t know if you’ve read this page or not, here’s another link:

    If the blog had reposted the entire post, that would have been a different matter, but it didn’t – it just used the reblog feature. There is correct attribution.

    Oh – and with the reblog feature, as you’ll discover when you click that link and read the full info about it, it doesn’t need your approval before it appears. I can see it. Anyone else will be able to see it too.

    If you don’t want your posts reblogged then the only alternatives are to make your blog private and invite the people who you want to read it, or to move to self-hosting where you’ll have more control.


    I’ve removed the modlook. I don’t think it’s necessary now.



    Ok, now we’re on the same page, I think :-)
    But the blog and the site are linked and (if I’m not mistaken) managed by the same person. It was looking for some kind of home page of the blog that I ended up on the site. Sorry about the mix-up there.

    I have looked a bit further on his blog and he has been reblogging from other sites too… Nice way of building a blog with other people’s efforts… :-(

    Well, not much we can do about it then. I can of course leave a comment under my own post on his blog ;-) Making my blog private seems a bit too drastic and would exclude people I do not know that nevertheless seem to be coming back regularly, only leaving footprints in my stats. That would only defeat the purpose of having a blog…

    Don’t worry about the patronizing bit :-)
    And thanks for your time


    PS: What I need to approve is a note he left that he has reblogged my post (not a question…) and I was hoping it would stop the reblogging too… well, bad luck!


    All I can suggest is, if you’re bothered about it spamming, then if you go to his blog (the one) when you’re logged in to your account, then click the name of his blog in the dark grey admin strip at the top of your browser window, you’ll see a ‘report as spam’ link. Click that and use it. Then if WordPress staff agree with you, they’ll take action. And if they don’t – well then they won’t!



    Seems a good tip if he makes a habit of it :-) Thanks!

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