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  1. I'm putting my comments here on new reblogging feature, since my comments are not being reposted under the original WordPress "press release" on this new feature. Maybe it's stuck technically in pipeline or something else?

    Here is what I said:

    Since still don’t have time to fully test this today..

    Re reblogging someone else’s post (or my own) to another 2nd blog: Does it at least force the reblogger to take along the original author’s name and original source blog plus post article where the posted article is originally located? This could partially be a compromise on still identifying “credit” the original author.

    But I understand the serious concern about this in terms of content theft and plagariasm en masse.

    Sigh. I sure hope original author, title is embedded permanently in that reblogged article with original link. (If you think about it, it’s like photocopying 40 articles by 40 different authors and binding it into 1 book or sticking it into the binder. It is violation of copyright particularily if next person is making money from it or using the package to further their own notoreity on false accomplishments…)

    Blogging is a form of social networking because it can allows users to post comments and engage in threaded discussion. I’m not sure how much value “Like” is going to add except there are lazy folks who will only choose certain things without great personal analysis because 100,000 other smilar folks “Liked” it too but some other good/better stuff got ignored because no one “Liked it”.

    A list of a person’s ‘Likes’, I guess. It sounds abit juvenile. I mean a person creates lists of resources and organizes them in logical categories. There IS already a system by bookmarking that truly implies “Liking”.or at least another web resource worth looking at — good or bad/oppositional.

    I also would like to know if one can "unreblog" a post.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please be aware that there is court action/case launched by lawyers against Thomson Reuters, a huge multinational publishing firm that covers legal, finance, news sectors.

    Lawyers are alleging copyright infringement and non-compensation for their pleadings used by the publisher freely whereby the publisher is making money off the content by leveraging database fee access and not compensating the lawyer-authors who created and wrote the pleadings.

    This is the real fee-based database world...hundreds of dollars per HOUR to access some of these databases, unless one purchases a license subscription for discounts.

  3. Few things first.

    The PressThis feature (which is available for a while) does pretty much the same thing. It makes any blogger copy content (along with pictures) from any website on the internet. At this point, I am not sure what this new Reblog feature does differently (I tried and I got an error).

    The Like feature appears to be separate but it is being rolled out together with the Reblog feature. There's already a stream of comments and complaints. Welcome to the club.

  4. I can't even test this feature, since I'm getting an error message when I try to post or save a draft. If a link to the original post is locked and rebloggers have to notify and gain permission from the original author, I see no problem with this feature.

  5. But they don't need permission. The only way for a blogger to block this "feature" is to set their blog to private. What kind of choice is that?

    Bad feature... bad wordpress... BAAAAAD!

  6. Do not need!
    Do not want!

  7. I didn't see this silly feature yet. I'd like don't see it never.

  8. This copy-cat from Tumblr feature has been provided by and there is no provision for opting out. The only other feature we have that we cannot opt out of is the global tagging. What would be acceptable to me is to have a provision for opting out.

  9. Everything about this response in the original announcement thread:

    If you’re concerned then you can still make a post private, or your entire blog private. just wrong, and even insulting.

    Keeping your base / content providers happy by simply adding an ability to “opt-in - opt-out” for new non-critical features would probably be a good, simple and easy idea…

  10. FYI the reason your comments aren't appearing in the original thread immediately is, comments are held for moderation and they specifically ask that questions about functionality be asked in the forums, not on the thread of comments on announcement posts.

  11. /big nod to feartheseeds

  12. How does the reblogging feature differ from Press This, except in that it's easier to use?

  13. I never used press this, so I don't know. I do know that it apparently went away some time back and now it is back "mo betta".

    All I want is some way to opt out other than having to set a blog to private. Several of my clients that I've started out here due to their lack of experience and needing to get their feet wet on the web, have seen the announcement and are all in a flutter over it. Luckily they are all in bed now so I'm no longer having to answer a nearly constant stream of emails from them.

    Is the ability to opt out so much to ask?

  14. I think that both "Press This" and "Reblog" are not good features. They can spread plagiarism broadly like wildfire in the dry season.

  15. There is no difference between Press This and the new Reblogging thing, other than ease of use. From the Dashboard

    Press This is a bookmarklet: a little app that runs in your browser and lets you grab bits of the web.

    Use Press This to clip text, images and videos from any web page. Then edit and add more straight from Press This before you save or publish it in a post on your site.
    There was a firestorm after the "Press This" bookmarklet was reintroduced, but that quickly died out. "Press This" is still with us.

  16. (and did anyone else subscribed to the blog fail to receive the email?)

  17. Forgive me for sounding stupid but i have only been here a few days. So, basically what this "reblogging" is, is WordPress giving people permission to steal my content even though i have it written on every posting that copying is not permitted? And please don't tell me it benefits me because it doesn't. Stopping people from stealing content is hard enough without them being encouraged to do so. This could explain why yesterday one visitor clicked on the same posting 5 times. Thanks for nothing i'd say.

  18. Please - everyone - read the post again.

    "If you decide that you want to share the post with your own readers, you can click the “Reblog this post” link and you’ll be taken to the new QuickPress tab on the home page. This will auto-fill a snippet of the post text, a link back to the original post, and a link to the blog."

    That's it. A snippet of the post. Not the whole thing.

    You quote other people's blogs? This is no different.

  19. I personally don't quote other people's blogs, and never would. I disallow trackbacks etc. My point is that WordPress are giving "permission" to take someone's posting without that authors permission. I have it written all over my blog that copying is not permitted, so all anyone has to say is that WordPress allow them to copy and so they thought it was ok to do it. Where does that leave those of us who DON'T copy and paste from the internet, but use our own copyrighted works. It's a slippery slope, and WordPress should be doing more to prevent copyright theft, and not encourage it. Even a "snippet" is still theft, because they don't have my permission to take it.

  20. @mark-For those that want/need it, there should be an opt-out option. Will opting-out stop users from copying/pasting content from a blog? No, but it's a psychological win to allow bloggers the *option* to opt-out of this Reblog feature rather than forcing it on those that don't want it.

  21. I agree with @justjennifer. I am not giving permission for people to take parts of my blog, and i have it written in my sidebar that copying, either part, or whole is not permitted, and most people would rspect that. But now they are being giving an option to take parts of my blog. Therefore, i (and others) should have an option to disallow this reblogging. This has really wound me up this morning and i am not posting anything. If i had known about this 3 days ago i wouldn't have set up my blog here at WordPress. Simple as that.

  22. *And* it also says, we respect your right to control your content as you wish.

    That is also a win.

  23. i like the "Like" button , and it would be better if some analytics is added to it to know how many people liked it etc. But the reblog feature is not good.

  24. atleast there should be a reblog control option with which the users can allow or disallow reblogging of content

  25. @jintyinky- it is a sad fact of life that anyone who really wants to can take and use your content in ways you may not wish. You can put up a notice, write it in in 72pt bold font, in red, and unless you catch them out, you will continue in ignorant bliss of the event. Read through the forums and you'll find bloggers whose content has been copied and posted elsewhere without their consent.

    My point is that I don't feel our host should be helping to facilitate the copying of our content if we don't want it copied.

    Also, what now is the point of the rating system or the various reshare buttons that many of us have on our blogs? Makes them rather redundant. Just saying...

  26. Copy/paste has been around forever and there is nothing we can do about that. An opt-out would falsely imply that your content is safe and we cannot say that.

    QuickPress has been a feature of WordPress since 2005 and that is very similar. So again that basic functionality has been around since before this site started.

    Blogs that are external to wordpress,com and which take content we advise as far as we can about how to get them closed.
    Blogs inside that take content either completely or repeatedly from other blogs anywhere get shut.
    Blogs that suddenly sprout up here purely to reblog will get looked at. Our stance that blogs should consist of mainly original content does not change.


    @jintyinky: the reblog feature does not give them permission any more than them already knowing how to copy/paste. They can still see and understand your words.
    But let's say another art blogger finds your work and does reblog it. You get the links to your site and you get the satisfaction of knowing that a fellow artist found your work worthy enough of linking. This gives you visibility, it promotes you. It does not take whole images, it does not take whole text. It's just one person saying that another is worth checking out.

    No-one here agrees with content theft but Fair Use does exist as do many posts and bloggers who deserve a way to get wider exposure. And that's what it is all about.

  27. @justjennifer i am well aware that whatever i say about copyright on my blog doesn't prevent anyone from stealing it. I'm not naive. My point is that people who steal content find some excuse such as they didn't know they weren't allowed to take it. I have it clearly stated on my blog and postings so that they can't use that excuse. But now they have another excuse...Wordpress ALLOW them to take it.

  28. @jintyinky Not saying I agree with the reblog nor disagree I am simply replying to let you know just because you have no copy at all the "fair use act" trumps the no copy of your content if someone uses a snippet of your written content with correct attribution legally there would be nothing you could do....

    Edit: I forgot to mention as long as they are not using your content to make money....

    For further researching →

  29. "You quote other people's blogs? This is no different."

    It is, because it's not a quotation inside a post, it's a separate (auto) post.

    "Copy/paste has been around forever and there is nothing we can do about that."

    But you needn't have added yet another tool for doing it - and a fast one at that: one-click auto-posting.

    "An opt-out would falsely imply that your content is safe and we cannot say that."

    An opt-out could be accompanied with a clear explanation that would leave no room for false implications.

    "You get the links to your site".

    They can be deleted in a couple of seconds.

    "It does not take whole images".

    It does (the first image it finds in the post). Videos too, if they are near the beginning of the post.

    "Fair Use does exist as do many posts and bloggers who deserve a way to get wider exposure."

    Right. Allow us to choose if we want this kind of exposure.

  30. To me this feature is a move away from real blogging (you know? like, say, think before posting?) and into the world of kids fooling around in Facebook: only fit for those who torture us by forwarding every stupid video they see and every stupid chain mail they receive.

    And why coin a new word when we already have the word splog?


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