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    A query about reblogs: As far as I can figure out reblogs should only include the first image or video in a post and a short excerpt from the text. Is that right?

    But I am now being reblogged daily by someone who manages to include all the content from my posts in their reblogs – images, captions, videos, text.

    I get a notification that I have been reblogged, but when I look at the site it doesn’t look like a regular reblog – there is a link to my site (“Reblogged from ***”) but it’s under the first image, and then literally all my post is under that. All reblogs I have seen before this had the link to the source blog at the top, followed by one large image or video and then thumbnails and an excerpt from the text under that.

    I’m not linking to the blog in question because I’m already having enough trouble with this person – he’s even copying all my tweets on Twitter!

    I’ve searched the forum to see if others were having similar problems, but I can’t find anything.

    I’ve seen advice about lodging a DMCA but that doesn’t apply in my situation at all because the posts that have been reblogged in this weird way don’t contain original content – they’re made up of YouTube videos, snippets and links to articles and images that are free to reproduce. Why he doesn’t just use all that content in his own posts, rather than reblogging me, I don’t know.

    Is he breaking rules by including the entire content from posts that he reblogs?



    Sorry, just to update:

    I checked the last reblog and clicked the link near the top that was supposedly to the post on my site – it actually links to a different post on my site, not the one they claim to have reblogged.

    So it looks like these are ‘fake’ reblogs?

    How come I’m getting notifications on my site, in the comments, from this blogger that say […] Reblogged from *****: […]

    Thank you.



    I flagged this thread for Staff attention.



    Would you please give us a link to the fake reblog and the correct post on your blog?



    Thank you Timethief and Macmanx. I know it makes it impossible to advise me on this if I don’t post the links, but when I asked a question about this blogger here a few months ago he emailed me within an hour laughing at my efforts to get help stopping him reblogging everything I do – and I don’t want to draw him on me or give him the satisfaction again.

    I have used the ‘report spam’ link on his blog to alert WordPress to the fake reblog, so I’ll see what happens.

    I found a way before of making it difficult for him to reblog him, so I assume this is his way around it now, to create fake reblogs.

    As I said, there is nothing in the posts that is mine, I’m guessing this is a form of ‘payback’ for me making his real reblogging trickier.

    Thank you again for the replies, I’m hoping WordPress will help me on this, although I doubt it when the content is freely available and not mine.



    Ok, that was definitely the right thing to under the circumstances.

    Our Terms of Service team will review your complaint as soon as they can and reply if necessary.

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