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    I have been writing my blog since 2007 and I want to redo my categories – create new categories, delete old categories, and reduce the total number I have – and then go through each post one by one and reassign categories.

    I understand how to do this from the Managing Categories info in Support, but what I am not clear on is how adding/deleting/renaming categories will impact on individual post URLs, or search engine links… are there implications I should be aware of? Will I be creating 404s? (I have never created links to… in any of my posts but I suppose someone else may have).

    And if there are implications, are there any workarounds? I’m really keen to overhaul my blog – lots of things have changed since I first started writing.

    Thanks for any suggestions. My blog address is

    The blog I need help with is



    It will not impact on either the post URLs or the tag URLs.



    Thanks Raincoaster.

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