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    My credit card was charged for the annual fee for a bundle but there is no receipt in my account. I need the receipt in order for my organization to pay the credit card bill. These support forums are ridiculous! I need some actual support, from a customer service rep for a service I am PAYING MONEY for!!! Any advice?

    The blog I need help with is


    Are you sure you’re logged in under the right ID? Your User ID isn’t highlighted here.

    Under Dashboard >> Store >> Billing History, items only show to the ID that originally purchased them.



    Right. That’s going to be a problem because the person who purchased the bundle no longer works with our organization. That is why I need to talk (or email, text chat or whatever it is that “happiness engineers” do to communicate… ) to a LIVE PERSON!



    Your best bet is to make friends with the person that is no longer with your org. & get their account info. WordPress.COM is big or respecting privacy and all upgrades belong to the account that purchased them as well as all blogs belong to the account that originally registered a blog.

    One of the zombies that help in the forum has flagged this for staff attention

    Just another zombie helper



    Thank you for your zombie help! I’ve sent out an email to the person who no longer works here and hope to get his help.

    If not I will simply stop payment on the credit card since he is not authorized to use our work purchasing card anymore (he has not been with our organization for many months). We were only alerted to this due to the purchasing card being billed for the auto-renewal.


    Well, now you’re under a different ID that’s linked, so maybe check the Store Billing History again?



    Sadly, no. That was my thought as well. We have one generic ID and then each have our own. I thought that perhaps the account was registered under the generic ID, but alas it is not. Still nothing in the Billing History. *sigh*



    Try and get the blog and upgrades transferred to you or an account set up for the blog – what it looks like happened is that the old employee set up an auto-renew (recommended by the way to keep things from crashing) and then forgot about it (happens often) and might have mostly forgot about your blog – if you have a domain name registration in the bundle you need to be extra careful or the domain name will get very messed up – even if you dispute the charges the domain name will take at least 60 days to revert to the wild where a squatter can buy the domain name and hold it hostage


    Yeah, the domain name is what I was wondering about.



    Hi miacroyle & wiphl – I’m going to send an email to both of you so we can sort this out in private. Please look out for it.



    I agree with you miacroyle, we need to have an actual tech support for some problems, and not just the forums…
    reason is that tech support can get into your blog site and see what is happening, and not just read what your problem and then give some advice that sometimes works, and sometimes doesn’t.
    Like my problem today is that my HTML tags are not working…when I put in tags for separating tables that keep pictures (for my use) from the article, the tags aren’t working today…typed them 5 times to no avail, even copied the tags from a previous post to no avail…but when I go to my html editor and put the tags in, it works (from the editor, but not the blog)
    here is my tag…
    <div align=”center”>
    <table border=”0″ cellpadding=”0″>
    <td width=”149″></td>
    it has worked for the last four years I have been doing my blog, but today it isn’t happening…why
    thnx for the help



    retireddon – Staff members like myself can indeed get into your site to troubleshoot issues, and we are here in the forums to help. :-)

    Would you mind please starting a new thread to describe your issue in detail, and add the word modlook in the Tags section in the right column? A Staff member will help you out. Thank you.



    well I tried looking for a long time to try to find email support on billing for a refund but did not see.. so I will post my email here..and if anyone from can call me at [phone number removed] or email me at (email redacted) I would appreciate it before my 30 day period is over thanks Randy Wright



    randy1957 – I sent you an email so we can discuss your issue.

    I’m closing this thread now, but if anyone else needs assistance, please follow the directions above to start a new thread and tag it with modlook – thanks.

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