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    I took a look at the number of subscribers to my blog and realized that even though I hadn’t received any notifications in over a month, I had new subscribers. I sent a question to wordpress support, asking why that was and if I needed to turn on a function on the site that I’d somehow turned off (I thought I’d done something wrong).

    This was the reply:
    “We recently changed how notifications for new followers works. In the past you would have received a message stating you had a new follower, but unless the new follower had their own account on Gravatar or WordPress, we had no way of confirming their identity. The notifications system has changed to alert you only when the new follower has an established account here on or on Gravatar.”

    I don’t know the reasoning why confirming their identity is so important to the notification process, but I think it’s a really, really, really bad idea. I WANT to know when I have new subscribers, particularly since I run contests and participate in blog hops to gain new ones. Once I receive the alert, I send my subscribers an email with freebie information as a “thank you” for following.

    So, to the powers that be, please turn this function back on. This is the type of function available with other subscription services, such as MailChimp. I shouldn’t have to keep checking in to see if I have new subscribers. If people complained about it, then make it a function that is optional, which can be turned on or off with a check box. That way, those of us who found it useful can still use it.




    Absolutely! Not nice of WP and so self serving it is to be rebuked.


    I just noticed this too. I so agree. I hope they bring back the notifications for new followers.


    I agree 100%. They should restore this function.



    Please do not leap to conclusions. There could simply be an issue with notifcations being sent and received and concluding something has been eliminated when tere is no factual basis to conclude that isn’t helpful.

    Have you folks confirmed your settings on this page?
    > Settings > Discussion
    Email me whenever:
    _Anyone posts a comment
    _A comment is held for moderation
    _Someone likes one of my posts
    _Someone reblogs one of my posts
    _Someone follows my blog

    Please slo confirm the email address you used when registering your account listed in:

    the Settings tab on the home page, or
    Users -> Personal Settings in your dashboard


    Timethief, no one jumped to conclusions. Please read my entire post. The box for “Someone follows my blog” is still checked in my settings, but, per WordPress Support, “the notifications system has changed to alert you only when the new follower has an established account here on or on Gravatar.”

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