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Receiving negative feedback

  1. messymusings05

    I was wondering if others have received negative feedback on their actual writing skills? It was not constructive criticism, just criticism.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've had a couple constructive criticism one's, and one that was just an A$$#@#!! trying to make himself sound smart... I did not allow that one on my site... He can find another Hobby, like, Flying a Kite, lol

    I allowed the constructive criticism ones on my Blog, and replied...

    It's your Blog, allow whatcha like... I've made it quite clear on my site, and in forum, that my work is First Draft/Not Edited, and I prefer it that way, as one of the main reasons that I started Blogging, was to get in the habit of Writing Daily, which I now do

    When I wish to Publish, or Self Publish Something, than the Work begins

    Just remember, it's your Blog... If they're not being cool, don't allow it on your Blog

    In My Opinion


  3. I havent had people criticize my writing skills, probably because I dont have that many views.

  4. @Jmc eh, mine were just on over Capitalizing, which I do on purpose, it's a Style thing, I wouldn't do it on Published Stories, on Poems it's okay... And doing the "..." (dots thing) thing, which I also do as a Freestyle thing, once again I wouldn't do it on published work.


  5. yep, someone complained cuz I made fun of james franco, plus I swear - mind you, there's a disclaimer in my 'About' section saying I curse like a sailor.

    Regardless, I liked the little "debate" for these reasons

    a: someone is reading my blog
    b: I was able to spark controversy, which could be potentially good (if you know how to deal with it)

    I think we all make mistakes when writing and they are part of our personalities.

  6. Numerous death threats, two stalkers who shadowed my neighborhood, and three online impersonators.

    Why do you ask?

  7. messymusings05

    Thanks to you all. I am smiling again. The truth is certain feedback is a good thing when done in a constructive manner. Things are extremely tense at work right now with not one job being secure and 160 employees to worry about, so today wasn't a good day for negativity. Thank you for the feedback, and I always enjoy hearing what you have to say. I will also probably never use the ... again as this seems to create strong irritability in viewers :) Also, I have been trying to teach myself whatever I can. Back to the drawing board. Hope you guys have a great day tomorrow, and hopefully I will still be gainfully employed!

  8. phoenixtearsheal

    @ raincoaster -sounds like the beginings of bloggers version of 12 days of christmas (kinda lol) only need a paperrazi up a plum tree! :/

    @ messymusings05 - glad you're feeling better about it all now; I don't think it's nice, or necessary, to make unpleasant remarks on someone's blogpost,
    they should kinda 'be nice or be somewhere else' :)

    @ Jade - agree, you should be able to use/try out any styles you wish, without being poked or provoked :( Glad you binned it :)

  9. I've been called "not an actual writer," because of the content of my blog, but it hasn't really affected me.

  10. @Daniel lol

  11. Honestly, some honest criticism would be welcome. Don't need stalkers and death threats like @raincoaster, but am I doing it "right" if someone doesn't like me? I think not. I want to be published some day. Might as well get used to rejection/criticism/denigration now.

  12. Steer clear of any offensive cake designs Momfog and you should be just fine. So that Icingama Bin Laden cake is a bad idea...

  13. It’s the Internet. You have to figure in most cases for every 1 person that voices their displeasure there are at least 10 others enjoying it. Look at any YouTube video. It’s mostly saying how much something sucks.

    Don’t let “haters” get to you. When everyone likes you all that means is that you’re not original or opinionated.

  14. josephvincent37

    As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Don't worry about it. If someone comes along and offers some helpful criticism, then that's fine. Use it to become better. But if someone is acting like a wanker, forget them because they are just looking to use your discomfort for their amusement. Onward and upward, always onward and upward.

  15. @tltcl Now that would be an interesting cake.

  16. phoenixtearsheal

    The worst kind of negative feedback
    isn't even verbal!

  17. messymusings05

    @doves So true!!!

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