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Receiving threats

  1. We've been receiving threats after a comment was made. Is there a way to get the ISP of the visitors to that particular post? Would appreciate any help on this issue.

  2. If you click on Edit beside the comment, you will be able to see the IP.

    There is also this:

  3. Go to comments in your dashboard. Find there comment, get the ip. Now go to settings<discussion. Now put the IP in the Comment Blacklist. Thats if you want to block their comments. Is that what your asking?

  4. Hi!

    The other way is to check the email. :)
    Let me tell you, there are plenty of jackasses in this world... And when they feel like it, they will threaten you with every trashy reasons and ways they can dream of in their dirty mean aceholes.

    And that's life in cyberspace. Call the police if the threat gets too... out of hand.


  5. It looks like akosistella is asking for a way to know the isp of the visitors of a certain post not of a commentator. It looks like they let a comment appear on their blog and then after that they have been threatened by silly people about that comment (or it might be a comment akosistella left on a blog?). Anyway the best way I am aware of to achieve that is for you to add a stat to your blog. Its free and they have an invisible counter (yes for free). It allows you to retrieve the visitors and their isp addresses for just the one post or page. I have to say that for me it works really well but thats because my first page is an index of my entries so people have to click on a link to see the post so the numbers per post are quite accurate. Now the fact that you have all your latest entries in the first page may mean that , depending where the post you are tracking is, that the numbers will not be so accurate, because it only records for a particular post if people CLICK on the link of that post. Anyway its worth a try, because the people annoying you certainly click on just that post. Especially if they read the comments I would have thought.

    Of course wordpress complaints procedure and the police are also an option.

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