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    Hi all, I’m wondering how to deal with a death threat I got on my blog. I mean I get them all the time whatever still standing, however this threat has been made against an artist whose work I admire. I posted one of her pieces.

    Here’s the threat
    and the thread

    September 27, 2008 at 4:25 pm ยท Edit

    look yh man dunt kno who made the dirty pic of kail like dat but who evea did beta fucking take it of the fukin net or i swear on kail i will fucking kill the fucking prick that made that picture i swear it. u fuking bitch

    I know its barely literate, but out of all the death threats and other threats to my person I’ve received through my blog, this one makes me quite nervous.

    I have a blog rule, not to take down stuff after its been posted, especially when threatened.
    What do you guys think?



    Just spam them, what can online threats really do to someones blog? How can they kill you when they dont even know where you live. I find threats like this to be somewhat of joke, especially since this threat is almost unreadable.



    Mark it as spam, take it off and forget about it.
    Don’t let any idiot spoil your day.



    I would delete the comment and block the IP of the person who left it. Under Settings – Discussion, you’ll see an option to set certain comments to moderate and others to blacklist. Stick the IP in whichever one of those you prefer (personally, I’d blacklist) and then don’t give it a second thought.


    Don’t delete them. Keep them as evidence by simply keeping them as “unapproved” in your comments list. If this is a serious threat, then it could be evidence.

    Ultimately this is a legal matter and something that you would have to take up with law enforcement. I would not delete any of the threats.



    Yes, that’s a good point tsp.



    I would contact wordpress, your local law enforcement, IP block that person, and KEEP THE COMMENT



    Thank you all for your help. I think I know what to do now.
    Much appreciated.


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