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    An upgrade was recently applied to the account by a staff member in inadvertently. Are we able to request a partial refund against this?



    Hi @johnewright, can you clarify? I see you bought an upgrade in August and cancelled recently.


    Good Afternoon. Yes broadly. One of the Company employees bought a business upgrade in error on the 15th of August for the site.

    Details here;
    RECEIPT ID – 24904934
    TRANSACTION ID: [don’t post this publicly]

    Realising the mistake he posted a request for a refund. As follows;

    Thank you for your support request. Your public message has been posted to the forums so you and other users can see it here:

    We have automatically subscribed you to email updates on the forum thread. We will respond to you as soon as we can.

    For reference the request you submitted was:

    Hi, an upgrade has been place on our account by error. Can this be refunded in full. Thanks


    Yesterday I tried to follow this up via your chat function but as it couldn’t be resolved I was advised the matter would be escalated. I haven’t had a response to that so far.

    We can see that the transaction was processed to the credit card, but there is no indication that a refund was issued to the card.

    The site is defunct and no longer updated and I would like if possible to get a refund for the full amount or the amount less the period since the transaction.

    Please advise.

    Many Thanks



    @adriannicholls I don’t see the post this references, but we will reach out by email. Also I have removed your transaction ID as it isn’t safe to post that in public forums.

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