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    I have two blogs — and In both I use the Recent Comments widget.

    What can I do so that my replies do not appear in the Recent Comments widget?

    I think the blog owner’s replies should not appear there. They are nested within the visitor’s comment and, therefore, are part of that comment, not a separate new comment.

    I only want the visitor gravatars/comments referenced there, as a promotional tool for them.

    Your help is much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Currently there’s no setting in the widget that would allow it to ignore the site owner’s replies to comments. (Same thing in the comment stats; site owners who regularly answer their visitors’ comments end up being the primary commenter on their site.)

    But it is a good idea. I’ve tagged this thread and am asking to have it moved to the Ideas forum.



    I vote this is a good idea too.



    Thank you, justjennifer. Hope something gets resolved soon. Cheers!



    I’d like to see this as an Optional feature… ( even per post would be brilliant if that’s technically possible)

    why? because sometimes someone asks a question/ info/ clarification in a comment and my reply would help everyone reading that post… and it helps me to see where the replies are going if many replies are coming in at once.

    ..other occasions yes it would be nice to not have my replies show up in Recent Comments. ( for me it entirely depends on the post, and the replies)

    regards… Kiwidutch :)



    Good suggestion for a feature I would defintely like to have.

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