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Recent comments in the widget.

  1. Another question. How do I get the "Recent comments" widget?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You add it to your site in the dashboard at "Appearance -> Widgets"

    You can read more about the widget and how to add it here:

  3. Please thanks but which of the widget?

  4. I have no widget called Recent comments??

  5. If your dashboard is in Swedish, it should be called "Senaste kommentarer"

  6. No, that widget exist not in my dashboard, so sorry

  7. Hi Gunila,
    Please look in your "Inactive Widgets" (Inaktiva Widgets) box to see if the Recent Comment widget is there. > Utseende> Widgets> Inaktiv Widgets

    If you cannot locate it there then you will need to contact Staff for hel. Here's the link >

  8. Timethief!!
    You are a little gem. Sure it was sometimes inactive.
    A big hug and Thanks

  9. YAY! You found it. :)

  10. Kudos to you timethief... I overlooked the possibility of "Inaktiva Widgets" earlier :-)

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