'Recent Comments' widget, pingbacks may not be shown

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    At the ‘Recent Comments’ widget, pingbacks are shown as comments in wordpress websites. Pingbacks rely don’t mean a true comment for a post to many and obscure the value of the ‘Recent Comments’ widget, I think.
    Hence, I like to suggest you to include an option in this widget, so that we can exclude pingbanks display in the Recent Comments widget.

    The blog I need help with is sumantasaha.com.



    Good idea! I’m all for it.


    i agree!!! i was just searching for a widget to take care of that when i stumbled upon your post!! :)


    here’s a link to a code i found to take care of it for now…
    he explains exactly where & how to paste it.


    Thanks, deliciousbydre, but that solution only applies to self-hosted wordpress.org installs, where users have access to their functions.php file. The users on these boards are hosted wordpress.com users. Here’s some info on the difference: .com and .org



    Thanks everyone for supporting the issue.
    We need to wait for the wordpress team to act on this issue.
    The ping backs compromise the value of ‘Recent Comments’ widget.
    Rather another widget listing the pingbacks only will be more helpful I think.

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