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Recent Comments widget stuck and broken

  1. Hi. My Recent Comments widget over at seems to be permanently stuck at displaying the last 7 comments somehow -- doing everything I could possibly think of hasn't helped: I've changed it to 10, then 15, then back to 7, then 10, then 15 comments; I've taken the widget out, saved, then put it back in and saved again; I've reloaded the page with Ctrl+F5 in a desperate bid to think the cache was screwed; I've even renamed the widget once and saved it under a new name in a bid to fix whatever the bug is that was causing it. All to no avail.

    I recently changed my Recent Posts, Recent Comments, and Top Posts to display more entries, and out of these three only Recent Comments failed to make the change; the other two widgets are working fine.

    At the time of writing this it clearly shows 7 comments on my sidebar, but when I go to my Widgets page in my Dashboard, it says 15. Some assistance here would be much appreciated -- I did a search before posting this and couldn't find any relevant topics.

  2. Sidebars are cached and it can take up to an hour to show changes. I would still think this should take effect immediately; I'm assuming you've cleared your cache and done a forced reload of the page and that doesn't make any difference, right?

  3. Nope, and as I mentioned, the other two widgets updated immediately without fuss. This is why I'm wondering if it's a bug of some sort, because my Recent Comments has been at 7 for a long time.

  4. Support is closed for the weekend, so you may be stuck for now. I've noticed that some changes (like changing the number of lines in the post box) don't show up until you've signed out and back in again, so perhaps you could try that. Sorry, best I can do.

  5. I signed in and out, didn't make a difference.

    Thanks a lot for your speedy reply, though, makes a lot of difference to have someone at hand that can tend to you immediately. I appreciate the effort. Hopefully this'll be rectified on Monday, or maybe it'll just fix itself if I'm lucky.

  6. You're welcome. My post-box change didn't catch up to me for a few days, so maybe it will fix itself.

  7. It fixed itself after a period of 3-4 hours, not sure when it happened exactly. Should I mark this as Resolved or leave it for Support to take notice of? I'm sure there could be other bloggers out there who've experienced this.

  8. I'd mark it resolved. It was probably the sidebar caching that caught up and as such, is a known issue. Up to you though.

  9. Ah, I guess I will, then. Thanks again.

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