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Recent Entries Widget Header

  1. I'm using the Contempt theme, and I was fiddling with my Widgets and now my Recent entries widget shows this (I use the heading Recent Posts):

    %BEG_OF_TITLE%Recent Posts%END_OF_TITLE%

    Does this have to do with the new Dashboard update or is this something completely different?

  2. Never mind, it seems to have cleared up by itself (?)

  3. Not resolved. Having the same issue here. It was fixed a minute ago and then I changed the number of recent posts again and it went back to the screwed up header as posted by drchuck.


  4. beernews: Which theme are you using?

    I haven't touched my setting in several hours, and it appears to be functioning properly.

  5. I'm having the same problem. I'm seeing gibberish in the sidebar instead of the widget title.

  6. I am just now setting up my new blog and the same thing is happening to me, except for me it is the "Authors" widget header. I am also using Contempt. It clears up, then messes up again.

  7. I have the same issue with the "Recent Entries" title with the Press Row design.

    Is this only happening to people after they make an edit or just out of the blue?

  8. For me, it appeared after I edited the Recent Entries widget. The heading was messed up, then a few hours later it cleared up. I haven't edited it since.

  9. The thing to remember is that WordPress is pushing out code revisions and fixes probably very frequently right now (possibly several per hour) to fix bugs and such, so things may be a little unstable for a little bit. Since WordPress has many servers spread out all over the US, the code fixes do not hit every server at the same time. When that happens, things can get cranky until all the servers have the new code and are running it.

    When you click on write, or insert image, or manage, or whatever, you connect to one of these servers. The next time you click on a link, it may connect to another server due to server loads. This means that until everything stabilizes, and all the servers are up and running on the same code, there can be some inconsistencies and instabilities.

  10. One by one, this title issue has shown up on several of the widgets. I confidently expect it to show up on all of them at one time or another over the next few days, as staff works on each widget in turn. It appears temporary and I would not worry about it; it probably just means they're tinkering with that particular widget at that particular time.

  11. I have been trying to copy and past an image or a graphic as a header but have not been able to do so.... Guys out there any ideas?


  12. I'm having the same problem, and now I feel silly for contacting support.

  13. You can't copy paste a header at And please don't hijack threads.

  14. I have same problem to,
    My blog appear :
    %BEG_OF_TITLE%Recent Comments%END_OF_TITLE%
    at recent comments.
    its happened in my other blog that I hosting on paid server

  15. Same problem:

    %BEG_OF_TITLE%Recent Posts%END_OF_TITLE%

  16. I dont know how. but this morning when I open my page, my blog Recent Comment seems normal, no %BEG_OF_TITLE%Recent Posts%END_OF_TITLE% error anymore.

    my blog is at:

  17. I'm still getting it as well and it doesn't seem to matter which theme is used.
    %BEG_OF_TITLE%Recent Posts%END_OF_TITLE%

  18. The %BEG_OF_TITLE% widget title %END_OF_TITLE% issue is happening for non-hosted too. See sister thread:

    This appeared after updating my Recent Posts widget.

  19. I have the same problem. I only created my blog today and I got it right after I first added the widget.

  20. same here ....when it will be fixed?

  21. I have a self hosted blog (, and this issue happened when I first added the recent comments widget. After a few hours, it seemed to clear up on its own. Tonight, I edited the sidebar and the problem returned. I'm guessing it'll go away after a while (or hoping so), but it doesn't seem to be a matter of programmers actively tinkering with code (as raincoaster and thesacredpath seemed to suggest).

  22. This forum, and the answers here are for blogs here on the free hosting service, and in may cases will not be correct for those on self-hosted blogs since the software here is different.

    That said, I suspect the problem will correct itself again, just as it did before.

    Where you need to inquire on self-hosted blog issues is over at .

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