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    Something has changed in the past few days. My page is not displaying correctly. The feature image is chopped on the left and right sides and there are untitled pages appearing in the header. Has anyone else had recent problems of this sort?



    The blog I need help with is



    I had a look at your site, and see the problem. It’s not the same as mine, though. My links are all working properly, but on certain monitors the right and left borders are off-screen, and inaccessible.



    I see your issue and I have tagged this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.


    I have mostly resolved the issue this morning by reverting to a previous saved page and then re-scaling the feature image, but have no explanation as to why it was suddenly cropped. The only other issue is on the mobile view (the WordPress App on Iphone 5) the untitled pages are still appearing in the menu. Anyone have a fix?




    Howdy Craig,

    We updated the Pilcrow theme recently which may have led to the changes in the Featured Image that you described. We’ve fixed a bug related to that and sounds like you were able to get everything back to how you’d like it. If you have any continuing issues with the featured images and Pilcrow, please do let me know (replying to this thread is great).

    Regarding the mobile menu, will default to listing all of your pages in the menu if the Primary Navigation option isn’t selected in Pilcrow.

    To resolve this, you can visit the Menus link in your dashboard at Appearance->Menu. Give your menu a name, then select which pages you’d like in the menu. Then, click “Create Menu” in the upper right.

    Lastly, after saving it, a new “Manage Locations” tab will appear near the top. Please click on it and ensure that your new menu is selected for the Primary Navigation.

    More instructions, along with a screencast, can be found at

    Please let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything else we can do for you.


    All good now. Thanks very much for your help!




    I have a problem with the Pilcrow theme update which has me scratching my head.

    My blog ( has an overall featured image (two recumbent tricycles) which I use on a lot of the pages/pages but I also set specific featured images for some posts. These have now stopped displaying, I only get the two bikes (which is better than nothing, but not ideal).

    When looking at the dashboard I can see the featured image visible for the relevant pages but it doesn’t show up. For example, the post on Velomobiles should have (unsurprisingly) a picture of a velomobile at the top – but it doesn’t!

    I haven’t made any changes to the theme, it’s just magically switched off my page-or-post-specific featured image from displaying.

    Any ideas?



    That’s a WordPress.ORG version of Pilcrow, so you need to seek help for that over there. The good news is, the .org versions are more customizable, so you should be able to fix this fairly easily.



    Oops, sorry about that! I shall ask over at



    Hi there hope I am in the right place I have set featured images on my pilcrow theme for different pages and posts to appear in the header section it seemed to have worked once but not showing now. I am using the dimensions specified in my theme. Also press this does not appear on my share line and I have enabled it sometimes it shows up. Any help would be appreciated.


    Oh good, I’m not alone. I’ve gone through everything I can imagine, but I’m not able to resolve this myself. Everything looks fine in the dashboard, but the featured image is not loading.
    The first time I used the featured image was in late august and it was fine. Any insights for the Pilcrow nation? I read a post about disabling plug-ins, but I don’t think I have any. Unless one of the standard widgets would be making trouble.




    Can you send me a couple links to pages where the featured image isn’t loading, and what you’d expected to see?

    Flipping through your site, I can’t see the issue quite yet. Cheers!


    I think I figured it out! Or at least a work around. The featured image is 700 x 200, but I had to use an image that was at least 1000 px wide. If I loaded a pic that was 720 wide, it showed in my dashboard, but did not load into page.
    Here is the page I was having trouble setting the featured image for.
    When I tried loading an image that was 700×200, it would not work. (I also experimented with removing the © bug, thinking that might interfere)



    Hey Audrey,

    We’re on the same page now. The feature image loader takes in pictures of at least 770px, so anything over that should work as expected.



    O.K., good to know, but not intuitive, since they are displayed at 700px. It would be nice if the UI gave that specification, or gave an alert if the file were too small. I don’t think I have seen that standard spelled out anywhere.



    I was about to ping the themes team about adding it in the spec when I found it there myself. I had overlooked it too. — at the bottom under Quick Specs, number 2.


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