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Recent post not coming up in topic search

  1. Hi. I've noticed that my latest post doesn't come up in topic searches while a similarly tagged one that I wrote last week does.

    This is the post: Fossanova

    Until this morning, it hadn't been showing up under my activity either, but I responded to a comment on it, and I think that bumped it. It does show up in my Reader.

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Under which topic search are you looking for it? If it's travel, there are literally hundreds of posts (if not thousands) in that category published every day and staff have previously advised that they, like photography, another very popular topic, get rotated.

    A post you published won't show up under "My Activity" if you mean the tab on the homepage. That will display only comments you've made on your site and elsewhere and posts you've Liked. It will show up in the Reader if you've subscribed to your own site (and I recommend that people do).

  3. I was searching under 'art history' and 'monasteries.'

    A post a wrote last week on the same topic, and tagged the same way, and it does come up. There aren't many other posts with those tags, esp. in the case of 'monasteries,' so it doesn't require much scrolling to see last week's post. (Actually, I think under 'monasteries,' it's the second one that comes up, lol.) But the new doesn't appear.

    I didn't know that about 'My Activity.'

  4. It's coming up now. I removed those categories and tags from the post, updated it, then put them back and updated it again. It seems to have worked.

  5. Glad to hear.

    Just out of curiosity, was the post scheduled or did you publish it immediately?

  6. It wasn't scheduled, but it was a post I started about a month ago, and when I first published it yesterday afternoon (GMT+1), I forgot to change its date, so it didn't appear at the top of my recent posts. I noticed that immediately and edited to change the date. Maybe that's why it took so long to show up?

    I'm just glad that it's showing up now.


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