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    Is there any way to have all your recent posts as a drop down box?

    I ideally want to list every post I have done as some people are new to my site since I just released it on facebook but they don’t want to work backwards like it is when viewing posts and categories. I can put the whole list up on recent posts widget but I don’t really want them to show on the site as a huge long list, I would like it as a drop down box option so it’s tidier, like you can di with the categories, is this possible at all?

    I’m using Comet theme

    The blog I need help with is



    No I’m sorry there isn’t a widget like that available here.

    I created a static page and then I used the [archives] shortcode on it. This page is a complete index to all posts published in my blog displayed in reverse chronological order, and it automatically updates whenever I publish a post.


    @joehoover76 – While it’s not the answer you want – I had a look at your blog and personally I’d suggest having an archives widget with a drop-down menu in your side panel, then people can find your posts, by month. It’s much more manageable than a long list of posts.

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