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    I don’t use WordPress in a traditional way.
    I would like ALL posts to be on the right, but WordPress limits to 50. Why 50? Why not give the user the choice…?

    They cant go to a particular post based on the entry ‘title’,
    once it leaves the list on right as soon as there are 51 posts.

    Letting the user decide is the right way. 50, 75, 100 or whatever they want. Maybe they only have 53 posts. That’s it! And would like them all visible? Or 106.

    I don’t see why a limit of 50 is enforced,a nd not a choice?




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    I have the same problem with my cooking blog! why only 50 ?!? maybe I made a mistake by choosing wordpress?! yes?


    i wrote to WP they said ‘start a forum’.
    so not sure how this fixes the problem.

    you did’t make a mistake… i like wordpress alot.
    just don’t know why they limit to 50.
    why should WP decide how many posts
    we can show?



    If you want all your posts in a widget in the sidebar (I have almost 5,000, I think you must have very small ambitions) then just make a text widget.


    they will not be live links!



    Thank you all for the reply!



    Staff provided the reason for reducing the number of titles that appear in the Recent Posts widget:

    There were some fatal errors and timeouts in cases where a blog loaded an extremely large number of posts in the Recent Posts widget or Posts per page setting (in Reading Settings). https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/problems-with-widget-recent-posts?replies=16#post-1032040



    What point would there be in posting them if they were not “live”? See here > http://en.support.wordpress.com/links/text-widget-links/



    Just to be clear about this I have 7 links displaying in my Recent Posts widget. I have a page with the Archives shortcode on it that displays links to all of my published posts http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/sitemap-2/ In addition I have two other static pages that are index pages which I manually update:
    Maybe these ideas will work for you.

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