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    I’ve created a static home page I’m happy with, except for the Recent Posts section. Below the slider, it shows the most recent post, with the image and the copy. But for the posts after that, it shows only the clickable headline.

    How to I edit the settings/CSS to show the 4 or so most recent posts with images and text, like the top one?

    Any advice is much appreciated!


    The blog I need help with is



    Will you please post an active link strating with http:// to the blog in question, knowing that all CSS editing is theme specific.


    You are using the Twenty Eleven Showcase Template for your front page. There is not a way to change what you are asking with CSS only. CSS can be used to style content that is already on the page, but it cannot add in new content by itself.

    If you would like more control over all of the code, including the ability to modify the theme HTML and PHP code directly, you would need to switch to a setup.

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